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The Carson Center


Night. A small house on a modest street. A teenage girl prepares for bed. While to her parents she is still a little girl, she longs for her independence. With nowhere for her thoughts to go but into her dreams, she sleeps – only to wake to something incredible lurking behind her bedroom wall — her shadow. Walls spin, darkness swallows the girl, and she’s off on a journey into Shadowland— searching for a way out. Thus begins Shadowland, a signature Pilobolus performance that -- with the fluid logic of a dream, the grace of an acrobatic dance, the humor of a child’s cartoon diversion, and the heart of a love story – celebrates the strange and wonderful power of the dark to show us who we are in unexpected and utterly thrilling ways. 

Show Date 
Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 10:00am
Ticket Prices 
Age Range 
Grades 3-12
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