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Stagecrafts at the Carson Center

What is Stagecrafts?
Stagecrafts is an audience engagement program offered to families and children attending our First Stages and US Bank Family.  Proudly sponsored by Colgan Orthdontics, Carson Center Stagecrafts is important to the children and families at the Carson Center because:
•         Stagecrafts connect children to the performance before they enter the theatre because the craft relates directly to the story that will come to life on stage.
•         The craft and the live performance nourish each child’s creativity and imagination, and over time help that child develop critical thinking skills and self-expression.
•         Families love Stagecrafts!  Most arrive 30-60 minutes before the performance in order to make the craft.
•         Parents, grandparents, and older siblings gather round our Stagecrafts table as each child creates a unique craft by assembling materials while making their own choices as far as colors, use of stickers, etc.  


Release Date 
Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 10:28am
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